All the Facts

Dear Oneida County and Madison County landowners,

The Oneida Indian Nation, Inc.’s landclaim NIGHTMARE is back, complete with the “checkerboard sovereignty” that means you will now soon be living on an Oneida Indian Reservation with your homes’ value greatly diminished and your U.S. Constitutional Rights greatly compromised by being subject to an Oneida Indian Police Force and Court enforcement, which as reported by The Washington Post is already happening elsewhere in America!


Illegitimate Oneida dictator Ray Halbritter has run an abusive tribal government while also using ill-gotten gains stolen from the Oneida people to fund his hypocritical “civil rights” charade. 

The White House picture from last Fall with Halbritter immediately to Pres. Obama’s left coupled with the Thanksgiving radio ads during NFL games in Baltimore/Detroit citing it as “an important civil rights” issue supported by President Obama and the like, but if those “supporters” knew Halbritter was a thug-bully-megalomaniac whose criminal council/counsel included men with sex offenses, battery, larceny, financial fraud, etc. would they be so enthusiastic with their support?  Irony galore that the Oneida people only get a pittance of casino profits that Halbritter keeps and spends without oversight.

A “Native American Bernie Madoff” comparison corruption narrative is well within the realm of reality, as where has the ~$100+Million NET PROFIT per year for the last 20 years (BILLION$) gone if not to the ~4 or 500 Oneida members (with an estimated only $8-10 Million payout of ~$20K/member/yr.) annually to Oneida’s?  This Oneidas for Democracy video, where Halbritter says “He who has the gold makes the rules…” at the :41 second mark, epically encapsulates Halbritter’s megalomania.  What is unfortunately missing in addition to the breaking into an Oneida member’s home by federally funded Oneida Nation “police” is the Oneida woman being arrested, led away in handcuffs crying, and after a kangaroo “Tribal Court” was flown to a jail in Pennsylvania and illegally imprisoned in direct violation of her (and other Oneidas) U.S. Constitutional rights.  That is what happens to you if you are an Oneida Indian and dare speak out against the Halbritter dictatorship, as noted in an American Thinker post.

Why aren’t media asking the tough questions like “where’s all the $100 Million+ Net Profit/year x 20 years = over $2 Billion money gone if not to the little over 400 enrolled/eligible Oneida members“, as isn’t that what the Justice Department should be looking at?

The criminal and corrupt records of the Oneida Indian Nation, Inc.’s Men’s Council (note below PDFs proving sex offenses, battery, larceny, financial fraud, etc.), Halbritter’s family members, and counsel with William Taylor defending scandalized persons like Lois Lerner, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, etc.  If the Washington, DC Council and the like knew they were supporting an effort led by a puppet government on a par with any third world thugocracy ruled by a megalomaniacal, narcissistic bully since former Mitch McConnell Chief of Staff Niels Holch and Taylor engaged him in 1986, they might not be so righteous in their support.  Holch and Taylor collectively have seemingly insulated Halbritter from prosecution with their sham “sovereign immunity”, political donations and influence peddling as expected by The Wall Street Journal on March 1, 2002:

But along with the money come other things: lowlifes and organized crime, drugs, prostitution, loan sharking and money laundering. The mob infiltrates and corruption in local government often follows.

 Federally approved land-trust swaps are another bit of gaming corruption. High-powered lobbyists representing big gaming syndicates line up the land swaps.

Halbritter and his “crisis communication experts” are libeling/slandering New York State Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney as a “racist” while she has pro bono legally representeda traditional, full-blooded Oneida Indian (Melvin Phillips, who is a recognized traditional Oneida leader by the historic Iroquois Confederacy) and his family in an illegal land grab –  how’s that for the very definition of Halbritter hypocrisy!  Now Halbritter is putting Six-Figure$ into a PAC supporting liberal Rep. Rich Hanna against Tenney in their Republican Primary for the NY-22nd Congressional District on June 24th.

Below shows how DC lobbyists in addition to possibly “East Coast Mafia families”, as the Wall Street Journal insinuated, prosper with “Oneida Indian Nation, Inc.”.

Gov. Cuomo & State Sued Over Oneida Nation Agreement; Eyewitness News Investigates

Reported by Rachel Polansky * August 20, 2013

   Melvin Phillips… says he’s one of the only full-blooded Oneida Indians left in the area and he says if this agreement goes through, the state will take everything he has.
“I never heard of a nation run by 1 man. They call it Oneida Nation and 1 man controls everything and runs the whole show,” says Melvin Phillips, plaintiff in the lawsuit and spokesman for Orchard Party/ Marble Hill Oneidas.
Phillips is speaking on behalf of the Orchard Party Oneidas, no affiliation with the Oneida Indian Nation. He says the settlement agreement signed by the Governor gives his land to the nation, and he says that’s a direct violation of a state treaty signed in 1842.
“This agreement they have signed with Halbritter is not legal. They can’t do this,” says Phillips.
Phillips says the Orchard Party/ Marble Hill Oneidas own 100 acres of land in Vernon, also known as Lots 2 and 3 in Treaties signed with New York in May and June 1842. And, he says the Governor, the County Executive, and the Oneida Nation do not have the authority to sign that away
“The state should know this. We live here under treaties, and New York State is violating their own treaty they have with us,” says Phillips.
Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney is Mr. Phillips attorney. She says the agreement gives the nation a monopoly on gambling in Central New York, in exchange for their support in the Governor’s proposed expansion of casinos. She says that’s buying votes and in regards to Mr. Phillips land, she says the state is using a bully tactic
“The only true Oneidas who have never left the land, the genuine Oneidas, are now ironically going to be ousted by the so- called fake Oneidas, or casino Oneidas as I’ve called them by our own state government,” says Assemblywoman Tenney.
And Melvin Phillips is just one of many plaintiffs in the case. The towns of Vernon and Verona are also suing the state, claiming the agreement was entered without consultation from either township

Regarding this linked OIN, Inc. photo, as the below is essentially all that is left of Halbritter’s sham of a “Men’s Council” with his self-imposed “Leader for Life” dictatorship – (left to right): Clint Hill, Turtle Clan Representative; Kevin Gover, Director of the NMAI; Ray Halbritter, Oneida Nation Representative and CEO; Chuck Fougnier, Wolf Clan Representative; Dale Rood, Turtle Clan Representative.

1.) Ray Halbritter has a long history of erratic behavior, with the continual Halbritter lies like this one recently recanted in an ABC News story; “To illustrate how mistreated the Oneidas were, Halbritter often mentions that a local fire company refused to answer the call for a fire that killed his aunt and uncle.”  Former Madison County District Attorney Neal Rosewrote the truth about that incident and the Halbritter lies in an Oneida Daily Dispatch Op-Ed:

   What Halbritter fails to tell people is that for years he led the charge to keep police off the Oneida Indian Territory.  He, among others, encouraged open hostility and violence [note receipt where Halbritter bought automatic rifles and pistols] when local police would respond to a problem, and he encouraged every effort to be uncooperative when police tried to conduct a simple investigation.  In the late 1970’s, two people died in a fire on the Oneida Indian Territory [within the City of Oneida, Madison County, New York State] because the fire department would not go to the territory for fear of being assaulted.  Such was the legacy of Ray Halbritter.


   Ray Halbritter wanted local police to throw opposition out.  Ray Halbritter didn’t care if this put in physical danger the police he’d been abusing for years.  He just wanted control of a cash rich financial bonanza.


   I know and remember these facts because I experienced them.  Because people have short memories, with the passage of time they often adopt as the truth that version of the facts which they hear most often.  This technique of influencing public opinion is referred to as the “big lie“.  Since I don’t have a paid public relations staff and don’t have the time to run around setting the record straight, Ray Halbritter has successfully maligned me for years. 

What is particularly disturbing about Ray Halbritter is that he freely accuses people who disagree with him of being against the Oneida Indians.  This is nothing less than racial politics.

Additionally, Halbritter’s own sons are convicted felons. Lastly, MANY Oneida claim that he is a person of interest, an allegedly more than just a witness, in a murder of a young woman on the Oneida “Territory” over three decades ago as reported most recently by Time Warner Cable News. (Learn more….)

2.) Chuck Fougnier is a convicted felon and sex offender as noted here.

3.) Clint Hill has a long history of violence and intimidation against the Oneida people as noted here.

4.) Dale Rood is the Halbritter wannabe who is also cited for his federal corruption, most notably with U.S. Housing & Urban Development taxpayer dollars as noted here.

5.) Kevin Gover, who The Wall Street Journal cited a U.S. Dept. of Interior Inspector General report had abused his authority as a leader of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, was listed here in the recent OIN, Inc. presser as “Kevin Gover, Director of the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of the American Indian”, and it’s pretty beyond a conflict of interest to see a taxpayer funded websitepromoting this too.  That same DoI IG report also mentioned the influence of outside monies, and presumably Gover’s kickbacks, in addition to the FBI references of “East Coast Mafia families” in Native American gaming.

Indian Casinos Today – Tribal casinos a rotten deal for N.Y.

WSJ – April 5, 2002

   But in any case the race card has become the first refuge of scoundrels in American politics. The folks who play it are usually trying to deflect attention from the real issues.

   The very big issue here is a $10 billion Indian casino industry that has grown with little public scrutiny into a huge political force. Indian Country Today is part of that force, since it’s funded by gambling interests with a major stake in Mr. Pataki’s casino deals. The paper is controlled by the Oneida Nation of New York, which already owns one casino in the state and is vying for the right to build another.


   Gaming advocates like to cite “cooperation” with law enforcement, but the reality is that Indian casinos are largely self-regulating. If Congress is going to get serious about casino corruption, it might give the NIGC some teeth. The commission is responsible for monitoring more than 300 Indian gambling halls, but it has fewer than 30 full-time auditors and investigators. New Jersey gaming authorities, by contrast, employ more than 200 auditors for only 12 casinos.

   Another reality is the presence of criminal interests in the industry. The chief of the FBI’s Organized Crime Section described mob influence at casinos this way to the Los Angeles Times: “Our position is, “If you build it they will come.’ They understand not only the mechanics of gambling, but also how the industry works: the labor unions, the equipment, the pawn shops, the trucking industry, the housekeeping services, all the collateral industries. They set up kickback schemes, extortion schemes, sweetheart contract schemes.”

   And come they did to Indian country. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has reported links between Minnesota Indian casinos and “East Coast Mafia families”; companies named in the report denied knowing of any involvement with mob figures, saying any ties had been “coincidental and indirect.” In California, the Indians say they have turned the corner on corruption, but through the 1990s they were plagued by mob takeover attempts, with convictions of a tribal council member and figures linked to the Pittsburgh and Chicago Mafia. In Florida last year, the St. Petersburg Times reported that the Seminole Tribe’s own police investigators had learned of a link to organized crime figures — and were fired after bringing the information to the NIGC. Indian gaming looks like a corruption scandal waiting to happen.

   It already is a political scandal. Political figures in both parties have abused the federal tribal recognition process, which has granted groups of dubious lineage official tribal status and with it the right to open casinos. A recent report by the Interior Department’s Inspector General found that the two Clinton-era heads of the Bureau of Indian AffairsKevin Gover and Michael Anderson — abused their authority by granting recognition to six tribes, despite objections from BIA professionals. Messrs. Gover and Anderson both left the BIA to join law firms working on Indian casino deals.

   And here’s the best part: Mr. Gover is now a columnist for Indian Country Today.

   Interior’s IG also reported that an “egregious” share of the profits at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Casino were taken by gambling mogul Sol Kerzner. He and his partners will rake in about $1 billion of profits through 2014, according to The Boston Globe. The NIGC was powerless to stop Mr. Kernzner from fashioning a loophole that allowed him to evade Congressional regulations limiting non-Indian partners to no more than 40 of the Mohegan tribe’s profits.

   We think it’s a sure bet that the same is slated for New York, thanks to Mr. Pataki and the casino lobby. Indian Country Today would better serve its readers if it tried to uncover such rotten deals instead of flacking for them.

William Taylor, who in addition to currently representing scandalized former IRS manager Lois Lerneralso represented disgraced IMF head DominiqueStrauss-Kahn, was part of the initial mastermind of the business entity that is now known as the “Oneida Indian Nation” with former Sen. Mitch McConnell Chief of Staff Niels Holchboth of whose names are on a October 1986 letterwhich began their copying the foreign money model for the Connecticut Native American tribe’s gaming, which at the time was the first significant competition to Atlantic City for 1/3 of America’s population.  Holch is also the assignee/co-owner (Google “Niels Holch patent”) of several of the OIN’s proprietary gaming patents.  Additionally, how is it that Halbritter can claim “sovereign immunity” in countless court cases not just in federal legal matters but also with NYState litigation and then funnel Million$ through Holch’s lobbying and political donations to Obama and the like… thought contributions from foreign nationals were illegal?

In a recent New York Post piece:

   Tribe officials refused to let a Post reporter speak with members other than Kandice Watson, Oneida Nation’s director of education and cultural outreach, or even get out of the car during a closely monitored driving tour of the reservation last week. And Halbritter would make himself available only by phone for 10 minutes, as a Manhattan-based “crisis communications expert” listened in and tried to control the conversation.

Because Halbritter’s hypocritically corrupt record is one that cannot be defended, they’ve hired a “crisis communications expert“. 

Gov. Mario Cuomo’s long rumored mafia connections coupled with the WSJ editorials about the hypocrisy of a potentially corrupt and illegal casino on non-federal land as a possible laundering facility for “East Coast Mafia” monies – why didn’t Cuomo mandate a New York State cut of the action with his one-sided deal over two decades ago?  Why didn’t the sham Moreland Commission investigate Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s current OGS Commissioner RoAnn Destito double-dipping as both a Halbritter-Cuomo casino deal lobbyist while her family also profits in the Million$ from their near liquor/catering monopoly for the casino

University of Rochester Professor Gregg Jarrell reported in 2007 the “Oneida Indian Nation” turned a $115 million profit last year [2006].  He stated in The Syracuse Post-Standard on Wednesday, March 14, 2007;

   “The conclusion of (the BIA report) was if they had to pay property taxes they [OIN, Inc.] would have to go bankrupt,” Jarrell said. “That’s just absurd. There is no way that paying property taxes is going to dramatically impact their wealth.”

   Jarrell was hired by the state attorney general’s office to review the environmental report prepared for the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs on the Oneida nation’s land trust application.

Halbritter has perjured himself in the past (as noted here) with a Federal affidavit falsely claiming Oneida eligible membership being over 1,000 when it is already PROVEN to be below 500 (with an actuarial attrition rate that will be below 400 soon), so how is it that the Seminoles in Florida, which have an annual profit of $500 Million and pay their ~3,300 members ~$84,000 per year (~$277 Million outlay to enrolled members).

If the OIN, Inc. followed that metric, their approximately 400 enrolled members would be entitled to $100,000 per year (as opposed to the apparent $16,000 per year they now receive), that would still be less than have the Jarrell Report estimated  $115 Million per year profit.  At ~$20,000/yr./Oneida, that equates to about $8,000,000/yr., which is also ironically what Halbritter receives from Federal  grants so they may just be spending taxpayer monies instead of casino profits, etc.  Where is all that money going besides the Halbritter family if not to members?

What’s tragic is that Oneida members are still owed MILLION$ EACH according to the Jarrell report, but nobody knows the nature of the deal they put together as they must have gone in with some outside investors or “East Coast Mob” money which The Wall-Street Journal stated in editorials noted above.  Federal law makes it a crime punishable by up to ten years in prison to steal, cheat, or embezzle from an Indian gaming operation, and that law is enforced with 18 USC ss. 1163 by the FBI:

Today, the Seminoles have about 3,300 members living on and off Florida reservations and all of them receive payments from the casinos.

The Seminole Tribe has averaged an annual profit of more than $500 million from its gambling operations since the opening of the Hard Rock hotels and casinos near Hollywood and Tampa, according to court documents.

The tribe’s expanding finances and gambling influence has translated into greater wealth for its nearly 3,300 members. Each Seminole, children and adults alike, receives a monthly dividend check of $7,000, or $84,000 annually, as his or her share of money made from the casinos.

In 2003, one year before the Seminole Hard Rock opened in Hollywood, each member made $36,000 per year, and that jumped to about $50,000 in late 2004, according to tribal members.,0,2040222,full.story

The 600-member tribe now has a large hotel and casino resort with its partners, Las Vegas-based Harrah’s Entertainment.  A month later, the 200-member Pauma tribe opened a 850-slot casino in a metal-frame tent in Pauma Valley.

Official amounts of per capita payments are not released to the public. The amounts vary, according to various sources, from $3,500 a month to more than $20,000 a month. The amounts can also fluctuate, depending on how much the casinos make in a particular quarter or year.

Use of Net Revenues

Whereas other gambling institutions may do as their stakeholders please with their net profits, tribal nations must follow strict rules.  Revenues from Tribal Governmental gaming must be used in five specific areas.  The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (25 U.S.C. 2710 [Sec. 11]), net revenues from any tribal gaming are not to be used for purposes other than

  • To fund Tribal Government operations or programs;
  • To provide for the general welfare of the Indian tribe and its members;
  • To promote Tribal economic development;
  • To donate to charitable organizations; or
  • To help fund operations of local government agencies.


  • Tribal Governmental gaming is regulated on three levels.
  • Indian Nations are primary regulators of Indian gaming. Under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA), Tribes establish the basic regulatory framework for Indian gaming.
  • State regulation may be included in Tribal/State compacts for Class III gaming.
  • Federal agencies enforce laws relating to Indian gaming, including the National Indian Gaming Commission, the Interior Department, The Justice Department, FBI, IRS, Secret Service and the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
  • Federal law makes it a crime punishable by up to ten years in prison to steal, cheat, or embezzle from an Indian gaming operation, and that law is enforced by the FBI 18 USC ss. 1163.