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10367806_10152529738335929_8501908057595482953_nThe legitimacy of self-proclaimed “civil rights” activist, Ray Halbritter, has been called into question by documents obtained by full-blooded Oneida Indian, Melvin Phillips. Phillips claims that Halbritter has hijacked the Oneida culture to prop up a casino empire to enrich himself, Las Vegas interests, Washington lobbyists and questionable politicians.  In the attached public video, Halbritter in his own words describes his leadership role as, “He who has the gold, makes the rules.”

Mr. Phillips supports the Washington Redskins and does not believe that the name is offensive to Native Americans. Phillips said, “This move by Halbritter is the ultimate hypocrisy.  First he tries to take our land and now is trying to take away the Redskins team name which honors our people. The next thing he will do is kick us off the nickel.”

The 76 year old Phillips has resided on land reserved for the Orchard Party/Marble Hill Oneida Indians pursuant to the 1838 Treaty of Buffalo Creek and the 1842 Treaty signed with New York State.  Phillips, is a direct descendant of the Oneida Indians who are members of the Six Nations – one of the well-known historic tribes of New York.

According to the attached document obtained from the National Archives, Halbritter’s blood ancestry is NOT as a member of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy.  In order to be an Oneida member you have to be a one quarter blood member of the Six Nations through matrilineal descent, which the document states Halbritter is not. According to Phillips, Halbritter’s campaign against the Washington Redskins is nothing more than a calculated attempt to gain national attention and to distract from the highly questionable operations he overseas in New York.